Link Tracking.


Every Click Matters.

Instant Link Customization

Generate new links, tweak UTM parameters, and more—all in the blink of an eye. Streamline your workflow with effortless customization.

Bypass Tracking Removal

Are you relying on UTMs for tracking? Beware, browsers are beginning to phase them out. Don’t let your tracking disappear into thin air.

Comprehensive Reporting

Access in-depth reports on your campaigns and products effortlessly. Make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Gain Insight into Client Origins

Ever wonder where your clients originate? Gain invaluable insights into their origins and behaviors with our robust tracking system.

Data, Thoughtfully Structured

Unlock the Power of Organization

Your ability to comprehend data is your superpower. Organize it effortlessly into campaigns, products, and sources for a clearer understanding.


Monitor the progress of individual products over time. Gain insights to optimize their success.


Pinpoint exactly where your clients originate. Uncover the pathways that lead to your success.


Dive deep into the performance of specific promotions. Track their impact with precision.

Get What Matters, When It Matters

Unlock Insights with Fine-Grained Reports

Organizing your data into campaigns and products takes your understanding to the next level.


Every detail matters in success. Pinpoint which products drive the most impact and tailor your approach accordingly.


Running a campaign with multiple products? Identify top performers to optimize your strategy effectively.

Streamline Your Workflow

Unlock Efficiency with One-Click Solutions
Organizing your data into campaigns and products simplifies maintenance, letting us help you every step of the way.

One-Click Updates for Product Links

Easily update product links with just a single click. Keep your promotions fresh and effective effortlessly.

One-Click UTM Generation

Generate UTM parameters in an instant. Say goodbye to manual input and hello to streamlined tracking.


Tailored to Fit Your Needs

 80% OFF – BETA PROMO (limited amount)


$9.99/month (paid yearly)

$1.99/month (paid yearly) – beta offer


Host it on your own server


Retain ownership of your data


Enjoy unlimited usage


Free updates while license is active


For one domain


Use code SHALBETA at checkout



$3.99/month (first 6 months) – beta offer


Hosting included


Free subdomain @


3.5+ GB data limit


Free updates

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my hosting support it?

You can use this tester script to find out.

What happens when my license expires?

On premise: Your access to Shortalytics remains unchanged, but updates and security fixes will be limited to the version released before your license expiration.

Cloud managed: when your subscription expires, you will have a grace period of 3 months where the service will still work albeit with limited functionality. You won’t be able to create new shortlinks, add new products or campaigns. After 3 months, the account will be permanently deleted. You can request your data to use the on premise instead.

Is the hosting service offered as a SaaS?

Shortalytics offers a managed hosting solution, not full SaaS services. We handle hosting and installation, allowing you to take full ownership of the app.

Do you offer any support?

Yes, support is available through our Discord server or email.

Can I use my own domain?

Absolutely, you can use your own domain with both plans.

Do you offer refunds?

We only offer refunds for the cloud managed plan. 30 days since the purchase, no questions asked.